12oz Cold Brew (Locals Only) – Rob Beans Coffee 12oz Cold Brew (Locals Only)

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12oz Cold Brew (Locals Only)

12oz Cold Brew (Locals Only)

12oz Cold Brew (Locals Only)


Delicious and powerful, steeped for 48 hours, cold brew concentrate, brewed with a rotating variety of freshly roasted Robbeans Coffee. Offered in a 12oz bottle, 2 options for how to drink/order it are explained in the menu below. 

Currently only available for local pick-up or drop-off for those in Glendale and the nearby area. Use code LOCAL at checkout to eliminate the shipping fee. 


Straight Up Cold Brew Concentrate
A 12oz bottle containing a very powerful batch of cold brew concentrate. Doses out to roughly 5 strong shots of cold brew depending on your pour. I recommend 60-85 grams or around 2.5 ounces.  
Vanilla Cold Brew Oat Milk Latte
A 12oz glass bottle featuring delicious a cold brew drink. Contains homemade vanilla syrup made with real vanilla, and 1 strong shot of my 48-hour cold brew concentrate. I top it off with high-quality Oatly oat milk.  Pour over ice or drink straight out of the bottle!


Currently for local dropoffs only for those in the Glendale area as well as some nearby areas. Hit me up to discuss if you think you live too far, we can work something out.

I will gladly take any used bottles back so I can sanitize and re-use them. Good for the environment! Or feel free to keep your souvineer glass bottle and re-use it in your own home.