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 "I’m getting some apple sweetness and cool malic acidity and maybe a little bit of peach/apricot in the second half of the sip. The fruitiness is mostly the sweetness I associate with these fruits, rather than the acidity, but there is a little bit of tartness I would attribute to an apricot. The second half of the sip has some nice cocoa notes and there is a hint of roast in the finish along with flavors reminding me of Fruit Stripe gum of all things! This coffee has a sweet finish and a peachy, apple-y aftertaste with a sprinkling of baking spices added in, giving it a bit of a fruit pie vibe in the aftertaste for me." - KC Coffee Geek

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"These beans blend fudge, nutmeg, citrus, and pecan notes for a deep, rich flavor." - The Coffee Quester

Review by The Coffee Quester

"There is a good chocolate base, the nutty notes fill the middle, and the citrus brightens it nicely" - InkleDeux

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"Initially, we found the coffee sweet and nutty, with notes of dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, nougat, peanut, and cinnamon. As it cools, orange marmalade shows, along with a touch of fruit punch and hibiscus."  - The Cortado

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"In the background you get notes of dried fruit and bergamot trying to break through. The cup finishes with a slight linger of oatmeal cookie" - Seed Water Coffee

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"Notes of cherry, a hint of vanilla, and an undertone of cocoa to offer a creamy body, a sweet flavor, and a smooth finish. It was pleasing" - Alfred Drinking Coffee

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"sweet citrus and chocolate notes, but with just enough acidity to give it some crispness and complexity." - Cold Brew Chick

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"Slightly sweet notes with no hints of acidity and so smooth" - Critico_Cafeinado

Review by Critico_Cafeinado