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Who is Rob?

Well let's see, Rob is a 38 year old guy originally from Port Washington New York. He went to college in Boston, and then lived in Greenpoint Brooklyn for a number of years before moving to LA in 2013 and ended up in Glendale.

By day he is an art director in the advertising industry having made TV commercials for clients such as Nintendo, Taco Bell and Sprint, by nights and weekends he is a coffee roaster and just generally coffee obsessed.

Rob's coffee obsession specifically started with cold brew, he would go to the grocery store every weekend and load his fridge with pre-made cold brews to stock up for the week.  This expensive habit took its toll and one day Rob realized he could buy roasted coffee and make his own cold brew, to his surprise it tasted better and was a cheaper alternative. Rob enjoyed exploring all the cool little coffee shops around LA each carrying a unique selection of roasted coffees, which Rob would promptly turn into cold brew. This was closer to what Rob wanted, but he was still unfulfilled.  

This obsession all came to a head when in 2018 Rob took a trip to the beautiful country of Guatemala where he took a tour of a coffee cooperative in San Miguel Escobar, just outside of Antigua. After meeting the farmers and their families, seeing how the beans are laboriously grown and processed and sipping on freshly roasted coffee, Rob knew he had to start roasting his own coffee beans to get access to the freshest coffee. On January 1, 2019 Rob officially launched and the business was born.  

Rob now buys all of his Guatemalan beans directly and exclusively from that very farm he visited in person, ensuring a healthy wage for the farmers well above industry standards.

All other beans Rob purchases are Fair Trade, Organic and Café Feminino beans.  

Rob has since broadened his coffee brewing methods beyond just cold brew, he now enjoys hot beverages as well, his new favorite being his Aeropress following the 2017 championship recipe. He also enjoys making coffee with his V60, Moka Pot and he sets his trusty Mr. Coffee machine to go off every morning before he wakes up.

Rob Roasts out of his garage every Sunday, he is curious to know if he neighbors notice the billowing smoke, but so far no comments which is good.  His 3 cats miss him very much while he is in the garage, but they enjoy the smell of coffee when he returns.  

Rob would like to pass off his desire for high quality, freshly roasted coffee on to you, his customers. He hopes you enjoy your coffee and he loves hearing about it, drop him a line on instagram @robbeanscoffee or via the contact page.  

 - Written by Rob in the third person and boy is he tired of talking like this.  



"Buying some beans, mine are in here somewhere!" 


"Bought two bags of beans!" 

"Throwback to December 2018, when I bought my first bag of green beans!"


"Throwback to visiting my first coffee farm in Guatemala 2017! This is the farm that inspired me to roast and I now buy coffee from them via Direct Trade!"